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Alternative Perspective!!

If you would accept it or not, controversial Myanmar National Constitution has, officially, emerged by the the end of May, 2008 and multiparty parliamentary election in November 2010 has, in consequence, produced bodies of representatives for two or three parliamentary bodies and a government. As a country and one government, we need only one army to defend the sovereignty of the country. This constitution was supported and agreed by the Kachin insurgent group and its political wing to the end.

Of course, in general, no body want civil war or fighting using firearms, but particular group or groups wanted it as the war can certainly benefit the participants (Collier 1999). If Kachin does not want civil war, why not dismantle or change their armed group into political party or boder-guard forces as initiated by the National Defence Army or Tatmadaw of the Union of Myanmar.

Why did the Kachin choose to fight against the Tatmadaw which is much superior in every sense? Even though the Kachin or any insurgency could not defeat the opponent, all think that they can keep their struggle alive while exploiting the loots and waiting for the favourable international situation for them. simply put an insincerity. The Kachin group like other ethnic insurgents, seems weighted the profit of going into peace against the free looting the natural resources and they finally chose the latter as it did in the past.

Because of finding the natural resources, most ethnic groups wanted to exploit the loots as much as possible. This is dilemma of Natural resources trap (Ross 2002). If any body is sincere, no one will choose to fight a war that they all believe they will never win. Worst of all, they all believe that they cannot defeat the Tatmadaw at all. If that is so, why fight against it. The answer is already discussed and because of their lust over the natural resources.

No country has got two or more armies in the world. Therefore, if the insurgents insist stubbornly, then, there is no alternative for the country to annihilate all the factions that rebel against the country. Having more than one army is worst humiliation to the country and to prevent is the duty of the incumbent government. War or fighting is, in deed, disgusting act, but when there is no choice, the last solution is going out to the full war. The insurgents should realise that they cannot count international pressure if the government goes out of patience. Therefore, my best advice is come back into the legal fold and form political parties and over power the opponents in the election processes.

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